Inspection of PCBs

October 28, 2021





The customer decided to automate the process of electrical inspection of PCBs. This task was performed manually before by ICT testers, which was very inefficient as the testing cycle took 1-3 minutes.

By automating the task with Kinalisoft’s Test-it-off system, operators could be freed for logistic tasks related to Test-it-off systems and for watching the process and progress. 

The greatest challenge was to achieve the requested reliability of <1500ppm and a maximum of 20 seconds beyond the duration of the PCB test – for a total cycle including the manipulation with PCBs and the spacers of individual layers.

Though the automation solution is comparable with human operators in terms of speed, it overcomes them in objectivity and reliability. The Test-it-off system can run overnight without the need of operators to be on site. The operator can use a web UI to watch the progress remotely. This is the major benefit – the customer can get one more shift without the need to assign any people on site.



PhoXi 3D Scanner M

The solution deploys the Photoneo PhoXi 3D Scanner model M. The scanner makes a scan and provides high-resolution and high-accuracy 3D data to the KINALI bin picking system called POPELKA.

The Test-it-off robotic platform is built around collaborative robots AUBO. The integrated bin picking system picks up one PCB after another and loads them into the appropriate ICT tester. The test result determines the PCBs subsequent classification into OK and NOK pieces. 

Test-it-off can even handle spacers of the individual PCB layers and allows other meaningful extensions like reading DMX codes or sticking labels. The complete work loop can be easily scripted or programmed via straightforward programming using augmented reality. An easy-to-setup approach is supported by the fact that AUBO is aware of all the objects within the workspace so it can plan the trajectory automatically.



Kinalisoft decided to use the PhoXi 3D Scanner M as the customer stores the PCBs in KLT boxes with dimensions of 600x400mm, where this model provides the best performance.

Other benefits of Photoneo technology include a debugging tool for the camera and Photoneo’s customer support.

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