Intelligent welding application

February 3, 2022


VÚEZ, a.s. Levice



Welding is one of the most common manufacturing processes. VUEZ Levice managed to automate the welding of cylinders with advanced 3D machine vision.

Prior to implementing the technology for automated picking of workpieces, the task was performed manually – it was necessary to insert several different types of workpieces into implements in a workpiece store to secure their precise position.



PhoXi 3D Scanner + Bin Picking Studio

The solution from Photoneo is implemented in a robotic workplace prototype for intelligent welding in small-scale production (IZVAR).

The system deploys a PhoXi 3D Scanner model L and Bin Picking Studio from Photoneo, which ensure reliable and safe automated picking of workpieces from stores. 

The PhoXi 3D Scanner enables the recognition and picking of workpieces by robotic manipulators with an automatically generated motion trajectory.



The above-described solution increased productivity and the precision of picking. Another benefit is its fast adaptivity to different workpieces and full integration of the application in the production process. The solution completely replaced implements designated to define the precise position of the workpieces.

It would be useful if Photoneo could provide a robotic manipulator (or the central control system) with information on the number of workpieces remaining on the benches. In such a way, the operating personnel could receive early information on the necessity to add more workpieces.

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