Palletization and depalletization of large ABS parts

November 13, 2023


Era Systems



The customer, an automotive manufacturer, needed an automation solution for the palletization and depalletization of large ABS parts. They decided on a solution where one vision-guided robot operates both processes.



Locator Studio + PhoXi 3D Scanner

The solution for palletization and depalletization consists of 2 different picking locations with 2 independent production flows:

A) Palletization – the ABS parts are taken from an output conveyor and placed on a pallet

B) Depalletization – the parts are picked from the pallet


The FANUC R-2000iC/210F Robot, navigated by Photoneo PhoXi 3D Scanner and Locator Studio, serves both locations. First, it picks the ABS parts from an output conveyor of a thermoformer press and stacks them on a pallet. The pallet is then taken to a cooling area. The height of the full pallet is ~1400-1500 mm from the ground.

The cooled parts are then picked from the pallet and fed to a CNC machine for trimming the outer border (the excess material). After trimming, the parts are placed on another pallet.

Any of the 2 jobs can be active or inactive at a certain production stage (a few hours or days).

The robot can either work in location 1 (the conveyor) or in location 2 (the pallet) or in both locations at the same time. So one robot can serve 2 different robotic cells.

Both robotic cells can process 4 part types but only one model during a production cycle.

For instance, Heat RT on the conveyor for 7 hours and Heat FT on the pallet for 3 days, then Heat FT – Top/Lid on the conveyor for 2 days and Heat RT on the pallet for 14 hours, and so on.

Every time a part model is changed in a location, the operator activates the correct model for that location so the robot knows what to look for.



This automation solution increased efficiency as one robot can operate two different production flows simultaneously.

The robot is navigated by state-of-the-art 3D vision from Photoneo, providing a resolution of up to 3 Million 3D points and an accuracy of 25 – 500 µm across the different models.

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