Picking and placement of flat metal objects

December 8, 2020


Robotic SK TN



The customer BOGE Elastmetall Slovakia SpA from the automotive sector decided to automate one of its processes to reduce costs, improve the product quality and process stability, and increase profitability. The final solution is to enable the automation of parts picking and their precise placing to a predefined location within the desired cycle time. The application is still in preparation.



Bin Picking Studio + PhoXi 3D Scanner model M

The Photoneo solution is part of an automated coating process that looks as follows:

The parts to be handled are flat, circular metal support washers belonging to a suspension group. These washers are transported from an input bin onto a special holder moving on a circular conveyor. The conveyor transports the parts into a spraying cabin, where the washers get completely coated.

Because the metal washers are flat, it is nearly impossible to pick them directly from the bin. Because of this, a conveyor is used, where they are distributed in horizontal layers. 

The cycle time is 5 seconds. The spraying process cannot be stopped nor slowed down, which requires the highest process stability possible and continuous parts fulfillment.



The customer decided for the Photoneo solution based on its high quality and superior performance, an affordable price, high speed, overall support, close distance to the customer’s facility, and a good partnership with the integrator.

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