Robot adaptation to random workplaces

October 2, 2019


OEM Automatic AB



The customer uses both cobots as well as manual labour. The differences between workstations made automation a challenge. Sometimes the exact position of the assembly or the position of the items is not known, or there are several kinds of pressure test equipment and/or engraving equipment. The customer needed to have a mobile robot which would be able to handle the great variation in the production.



PhoXi 3D Scanner + Localisation SDK

The PhoXi 3D Scanner is used for navigating the robot when moved to a workplace, determining the position of various machines and random picking of products.



First a proof of concept was done on a tricky, shiny metal part. The Photoneo solution can be integrated with other systems whereby customers can develop their own systems. Robots can work on different working stations and overtake exhausting and monotonous work. This speeds up the whole production process.

This solution solved a problem that would be hard to tackle without the PhoXi 3D Scanner. We have achieved minimal changeover time with minimum need for the competence to operate. The solution is easy to set up and easy to use.

The customer offers a concept of renting a robot solution with a setup time for random bin picking shorter than 48 hours. There is a potential for about 30 systems. One system contains 1 – 5 robots and scanners. Right now they are testing Photoneo’s AMR Phollower 100 for carrying the robot.

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