Robotic depalletization of tires

January 12, 2022





The customer BRIDGESTONE decided to automate the process of tire unloading. The task was performed manually before, which was a tedious job that caused injuries. 



Bin Picking Studio + PhoXi 3D Scanner XL

INGENERSUN, S.L. developed a solution that comprises a robotic cell with a Fanuc M-410iC/315 robot, a 15-meter track, 6 unloading bays, 3D vision hardware PhoXi 3D Scanner XL from Photoneo, software from Bcnvision, and barcode readers for identification. The system also features automatic gripper path rectification for deviated columns.

PhoXi 3D Scanner enables the system to recognize the position and height of each column of tires.



The partner decided on a solution from Photoneo based on the company’s worldwide acclaimed 3D sensing technology and proven best-in-class systems and solutions for vision-guided robotics. Bcnvision collaborates with Photoneo and together they can provide top services for their systems integration in INGENERSUN’s robotic cells.

The automation of tire unloading led to the reduction of injuries, increased productivity, and better control of traceability.

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