May 24, 2021

Robotic pick & place application for creative industries


Creative Robotics



The customer Creative Robotics is a research unit within the University for Arts and Design Linz that investigates robotics as an interface between the digital and physical world.

Creative Robotics launched a project that required research and a-cyclic program development for the architecture and construction of a robotic application. For this, they decided to collaborate with Photoneo and use its 3D vision system for automated scanning, identification, and picking & placement of objects.



PhoXi 3D Scanner M

The customer aimed to develop a closed loop pick and place system utilizing Grasshopper 3D’s evolutionary design tools paired with a KUKA robot. For robot navigation and object identification, they decided to use the 3D vision system from Photoneo – a Phoxi 3D Scanner model M. 



According to Creative Robotics, the software is very impressive and it could be interesting to develop a plug-in that could be directly incorporated in the Grasshopper visual programming environment to avoid the initial steps and make it a plug & play solution for a parametric design application.


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