Scanning of bicycle frames

October 2, 2019


Nano Trend Technology Co., Ltd.



The customer needed to scan metal bicycle frames but the results from a stereo camera were not satisfactory. They therefore decided for another solution.



PhoXi 3D Scanner with Halcon software

The aim of the solution was to use PhoXi 3D Scanner to match the 3D coordinates of the frame and the rocker, and then to transfer the 3D coordinates to the robot through the Ethernet. The frame is gripped by the robot, placed and polished.

In previous production lines, the bicycle frame was picked by the robot without using any 3D vision. This resulted in position deviations during polishing and consequently in a poor polishing effect. Since the employment of PhoXi 3D Scanner, the productivity has considerably increased which also led to saving labour costs.



The employment of PhoXi 3D Scanner led to cost reduction, reduction of the error rate as well as an increase in productivity.

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