3D scanning transparent objects

Scan the Transparent with MotionCam-3D!

October 17, 2023

Get ready to see the Invisible!

We introduce a new scanning method that significantly improves the signal readouts on transparent and shiny objects, adding much more detail and completeness to data that was previously hard to scan.

Why does this matter?

➤ Complete scanning of transparent & translucent objects
MotionCam-3D can now use a new scanning method that improves retrieving 3D data of transparent and translucent objects.

➤ Crisp scanning of super shiny objects
An additional benefit of the method is the suppression of interreflection artifacts, especially useful for glossy metal objects.

➤ As fast as possible
MotionCam-3D is significantly faster than conventional sensors. The power behind is the unique COMPIS sensor & Photoneo’s patented Parallel Structured Light technology.

➤ Enabling new use cases and industries
Semi-transparent & translucent objects are crucial in a growing number applications:

  • Logistics, retail, and grocery order fulfillment
  • Automotive & manufacturing
  • Pharmacy

➤ Applicable to existing devices
MotionCam-3D is a highly programmable device, which allows for improving its capabilities over time through FW updates.

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