The video testimonial can be viewed on Photoneo's YouTube channel.
Jan Mirvald - Production Engineer @ DAIKIN Industries Czech Republic, s. r. o.
The video testimonial can be viewed on Photoneo's YouTube channel.
Zuzana Zakova - Project Manager @ HYDAC, s.r.o. Slovakia, a member of HYDAC INTERNATIONAL
The PhoXi 3D scanner provides accurate, high-resolution point clouds that work well for creating 3D scans of objects and for object recognition. The unit is extremely well engineered and durable, with an industrial strength case and connectors. Support has been superb - Photoneo staff have consistently responded to requests for help.
Mark Schnepf - CTO @ CapSen Robotics
Photoneo® PhoXi® 3D Scanner XL was an important part of the sensor setup for our team NimbRo Picking at the Amazon Robotics Challenge 2017. The scanner was easy to integrate and worked well in our setup. Its 3D measurements of the workspace were the basis for controlling two manipulators for object stowing and picking.
Prof. Dr. Sven Behnke - Head of Computer Science Institute VI @ University of Bonn
PhoXi is a reliable 3D sensor for our robotic applications. It is also surrounded by a skilled team and a great support.
Jaume Fontanella - Director @ Vision Online SL
3D images grabbed by Phoxi 3D scanner are precise and stable, almost no user settings are required.
VisionTools Bildanalyse Systeme GmbH VisionTools Bildanalyse Systeme GmbH
The 3D image generated by Photoneo is amazing compared to other equipments on the market. SDKs are intuitive and easy to use.
David Torres - General Manager @ BCN VISION
PhoXi 3D Scanner is an overall best industrial 3D camera we have used so far in terms of data quality and ease of use for varying objects.
Pauli Komi - Manager @ Roima Intelligence Inc.
Photoneo probably developed the most flexible 3D camera for robotic applications we have applied in last ten years.
Roberto Polesel - CEO @ Euclid Labs
Great product for the most advanced robotic applications.
Ing. Stanislav Korec- Head of department PLC & robotics Matador Industries
Amazing team & amazing technology. Proud to lead the seed round.
Andrej Kiska - Partner @ Credo Ventures
I appreciate very good cooperation and a very flexible team approach towards integrated applications.
Marcel Scalise CoC Hot Forming Forming Technologies Manufacturing Engineering (ME) @Benteler Automotive
If you are looking for a 3D scanner with excellent performance, Photoneo Phoxi scanner should be the best choice you can find in the market, which is also why we choose Photoneo. High resolution, high accuracy, large scanning volume, advanced technology for ambient light suppression, these are our favorite product features. And Photoneo`s technical support is also very good, customer service response is always prompt. So, of course, we like Phoxi scanners, and also like the cooperation with Photoneo.
Thomas Tang ENAC
It has been a privilege for us to partner with the team from Photoneo. With their knowledge and support, they are always there with a quick response for all of our needs. We look forward to growing this partnership in the future.
Bobby Leong SODA Vision
Photoneo products were able to cover most of the 3D application requirements whether it be logistics, automotives, or food and beverages. Their solutions such as Bin Picking Studio (CAD-based), AnyPick and depalletizer (AI based) are well suited for various industries. They're robust, reliable and a trustworthy brand in the 3D camera industry. The support is extremely prodigious although we have a huge time difference between Asia and Europe.
Lamin Viryasiri LINX Thailand
The 3D point cloud generated by the PhoXi 3D scanner is accurate with a high resolution. It's a flexible and easy to use device. Bin Picking Studio is a software which does CAD-based localization of objects and generates path planning free of collisions. Combined with a PhoXi scanner, it's a complete package for bin picking applications. Photoneo support is great !
Olivier Daillé Stemmer Imaging FR
OEM Finland Oy has been a distributor of Photoeno's products in Finland since 2017. At that time, we mapped out potential equipment manufacturers for the growing 3D market. We found that Photoneo already had advanced technology but also a desire to further develop both the product and the applications to meet the world of automation. Close cooperation between the manufacturer and the distributor ensures the best result for the end customer. Not to mention Photoneo’s powerful support team that ensures seamless integration and responds quickly to in-service questions. “It is privileged to present a company like Photoneo”
Miika Himanka OEM Finland
The video testimonial can be viewed on Photoneo's YouTube channel
Lucia Makayová Volkswagen Slovakia

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