23 Oct 2017

October 2017 has been busy but we’ve finally saved some time for relaxing together, for the team as such. Photoneo has been growing substantially in recent months. Hence, the October teambuilding has been the biggest one we’ve enjoyed so far. How did it look like? A lot of fun, chat, sport, tasty cuisine and beverages, […]

20 Oct 2017

Location: Bratislava, Slovak Republic, willing to travel Job Description: Photoneo is looking for a colleague who will help our clients to deploy our Bin Picking and other custom projects. Successful applicant will be the key point enabling our customers to utilize the most advanced technologies combining vision and robotics in their automation projects. Daily tasks and […]

16 Oct 2017

We would like to thank to all visitors who paid us a visit at Motek 2017 in Stuttgart last week. Hope you enjoyed our showcase of the ultra-modern smart 3D vision technology, shifting boundaries of what is possible with and in the realm of 3D vision a leap forward. Thank you for your interest in […]

29 Aug 2017

Our PhoXi 3D scanner has successfully accomplished its mission in a steel-producing company, under extreme heat conditions: Scanning of 1500 °C/ 2800 °F piece of steel is feasible in a pretty high quality ✓ PhoXi has remained safe and sound ✓  

03 Aug 2017

今年的亚马孙机器人挑战赛/ RoboCup 2017在7月27日至30日在日本名古屋举行。 来自十个不同国家的十六个选定的学术团队正在与机器人解决方案进行竞争,以识别,拾起和装载仓库货物。 根据他们的要求,在准备和测试阶段,已经有五个参与的团队由我们提供PhoXi 3D扫描仪。 最后,来自德国的NimbRo和日本的NAIST-Panasonic的两个团队实际上使用了Photoneo的视觉系统。 我们非常自豪,两个团队都是来自世界各地进入最终决赛的八个团队之一。 NimbRo赢得了梦幻般的第二名,NAIST-panasonic荣登第六名。 这是我们产品在ARC很棒的首次亮相。

03 Aug 2017

This year’s Amazon Robotics Challenge/ RoboCup 2017 took place over 27-30 July in Nagoya, Japan. Sixteen selected academia-based teams from ten different countries were competing with their robotic solutions in identifying, picking up and stowing warehouse goods. Based on their request, five of the participating crews had been provided with our PhoXi 3D scanners in the preparation and testing phase. In the end, two teams, NimbRo from […]

28 Jul 2017

科希策的Photoneo团队帮助Košice技术大学在Košice-Šaca医院推出了新一代自主机器人。 路径搜索者将帮助工作人员向各自的工作场所分发药物,洗衣和其他材料。 它将节省大量的时间和精力,并且不需要预先调整,就能使机器人无障碍地移动穿越医院。

28 Jul 2017

Das Photoneo-Team in Košice hat zur Einführung eines autonomen Roboters der neuen Generation von der Technischen Universität Košice im Krankenhaus Košice-Šaca beigetragen. Der Pfadfinder hilft den Mitarbeitern mit der Verteilung von Medikamenten, Wäsche und anderem Material zu den jeweiligen Arbeitsplätzen. Es wird viel Zeit und Energie sparen, und es wurden keine Anpassungen von Räumlichkeiten benötigt, […]

28 Jul 2017

Photoneo team in Košice has contributed to the introduction of a new-generation autonomous robot by the Technical University of Košice in the Košice-Šaca hospital. The Pathfinder will help the staff with distribution of medicines, laundry and other material to respective workplaces. It’ll save a lot of time and energy, and no adjustments of premises were needed to allow the […]